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Our Programs

​Our curriculum is based on the, “PA. Early learning Standards” for Children: We use various curriculums such as Montessori, Creative, Theme Based, and DLM. All curriculums are geared to develop the children in multiple areas of learning.


The classroom is designed to enhance learning through planned activities that focus on the specific interests of the children, their spontaneous involvement with each other and their growing awareness of how things work.

Each day’s schedule includes developmental activities which are individualized to meet the needs of each child. Developmental levels are measured through teacher observations during class time and through tests which determine readiness. Each child is evaluated within 45 days of enrollment.

All of the children are supervised at all times. We prohibit any forms of abuse both verbal and physical. All staff members are mandated, “child abuse reporters” and follow the Child Abuse laws of Pennsylvania.

Outdoor Activities: Weather permitting, children are taken outdoors at least twice a day. So we ask that each child be dressed appropriately for the weather.

Alphabet Cubes

Infants and toddlers
8 weeks to 3 years of age


3 to 5 years of age

School Bus

Young School-Aged Child: 
Kindergarten through 3rd grade


Older School-Age Child: 
4th grade up to 12 years of age


6 to 12 years of age



Infant &

Toddler Care

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